SEXXXPRESS: Microgasm Games – a collection of microgames with sexual themes; Players use Keyboard/Mouse controls to complete each game within the limited amount of time; Difficulty and artwork changes with every play

Controls: Keyboard  Button A/Arrows/Spacebar; Mouse Left Click

NOTES: Speed Up will make some games impossible to win; a WARNING tag denotes games that featuring something you may not like; Games may not function properly; No Pause Menu - You must lose in order to go to the Main Menu

This is merely a WIP of what the final product would be. This game (hopefully) will feature erotic and explicit art created by artists found on the Internet AND real life models, and funding would be done via crowdfunding on Patreon combined with my own available budget.

*This game may function better (?) in the Google Chrome browser. It seems like other browsers may have a delay in button pressing.*

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