Celebrity Sexpose – a quick play Arcade sytle game; Players use the simple button/touch controls to ZAP the falling currency with the moving cameras; Earn enough money to reveal parts of the sexy photo of the subject.

This is merely a WIP of what the final product would be. This game (hopefully) will feature erotic and explicit art created by artists found on the Internt, and funding for the art will be done via crowdfunding on Patreon combined with my own available budget. 

*This game may function better (?) in the Google Chrome browser. It seems like other browsers may have a delay in button pressing.*

Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, celebrity, Erotic, sex
Average sessionA few seconds


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55 minutes. 55 god damn minutes to unlock all 6 pictures. To put it another way, the difficulty is far too high. Way beyond what someone looking to jack off would tolerate. Please consider a change or two like:

  • Non moving cameras
  • Cameras at least stay in the same general area (yellow in top third and so on)
  • Longer ZAP time
  • Reduced score requirements (something more like 6000 points instead of 9000)
  • Big bonus points for matching ZAP color to gem color

I will also (pointlessly?) give my opinion on the nature of porn games. What you have made here is a game where you do a tedious activity in order to get some pictures. This is inferior to the normal option of going to a porn website and just looking at pictures.

If you want to make GOOD porn games you need to add value with the game part. At the absolute minimum, you should present theming and set up a scenario for the porn (this is the level meet n fuck are usually at). If you want to really go for gold, the game portion should have sexual elements built in to the point that the idea of a person getting off with the game portion is not laughable. Examples are a little harder to come by (lol) but things like CoC and TiTS do this stuff well. Those 2 do an excellent job at the theme and scenario level too. More importantly they do well at the "gameplay" level too thanks to the amount of choice you have in both character interactions and being able to solve combat with seduction or fighting, with both still potentially leading to further fun times.

Unfair examples because they are text only games made by dozens of contributors you say? Ok, SIMSEH:hornbrook and Robozou. Both sharing a similar approach coincidentally with your character starting off with limited options that gradually increase from actually doing the kind of activity you likely loaded these games for in the first place. Being completely honest both games do suffer from having cryptic bullshit (cum onto a plant? Walk forward at this spot at this exact time?) and robozou has a slow start if you want to play it for all characters (Do nothing but clean for the first few days!) but I would still say they do well in combining the porn and gameplay elements in spite of these flaws.

That sure is a ton of shit I dropped onto some random person launching a new patreon and presumably their first public flash game. Well whatever, maybe others passing by will read this rambling junk and take something useful from it. Maybe it wont even post or will just get deleted instantly for being a wall of text first post from a nobody.

are you okay

If you experience any problems playing the game (things aren't functioning, unlocking, glitches, etc.) OR if you like what you see, please leave feedback. Thank you.